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The Process

The blast chilling and freezing process explained and how it can benefit you.

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View the range of blast chillers and freezers, with capacities from 35lbs to 600lbs.

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Learn about Williams Refrigeration and Beverage-Air and their innovative product ranges.

The Cook Chill Process

Cook-Chill is a simple, controlled system of advanced food preparation designed to provide more flexibility in foodservice. The technique involves the full cooking of food, followed by rapid chilling and storage at controlled temperatures, for up to five days.

When needed for service, the food must be rethermalized.. The production system itself is simple to operate if well managed, and minimizes the risk of food spoilage or contamination.

Cook-Chill Systems have the added benefit of retaining food quality, nutritional value, flavor, and appearance. Using a Cook- Chill System also offers the foodservice operator added flexibility and management and, of course, profitability!
Benefits of using a Cook-Chill System

Williams Blast Chillers / Blast Freezers?

Providing confidence in food safety compliance while preserving food quality, flavour and appearance

Williams Refrigeration leads the way in the manufacture and distribution of Blast Chilling and Freezing products worldwide. From the smallest caterer to the largest production unit, whether on land or at sea, Williams provides the innovation and flexibility needed for creating the ideal cook chill system.

Williams Blast Chillers are capable of rapidly reducing the temperature of hot foods (+160°F) to low, safe temperatures (+38°F) making it easier for operators to comply with Food Safety regulations. In fact, many caterers are using them solely for that purpose, and in doing so are performing a very simple Cook-Chill operation. Nevertheless, only using a Blast Chiller to cool cooked food rapidly for immediate or same day service, is not making the most of the equipment. Williams Blast Chillers can also be used as short term storage cabinets.

Williams continually invest in product design and development to bring you the highest quality engineering performance and reliability. Using the latest control systems and technology, Williams range of Blast Chillers and Blast Freezers are all driven by our unique Simple to Use 1-2-3 Control Panel featuring the 3-step operation that all staff will find easy to operate within only a few moments of basic induction. In fact, many users need no induction at all – it’s that Easy!

Avoid the risks of food poisoning – control bacteria growth

The very young and elderly are most at risk from food poisoning, however, everyone can be affected. Litigation and prosecution are on the rise, so you can’t afford to take chances. Bacteria can divide in two every 20 minutes and in 12 hours one bacterium multiplies to become almost 69 billion. With a proper Cook-Chill System and Williams Blast Chillers, you can take the risk out of your operation.

Who uses Cook-Chill Systems?

Thousands of establishments throughout the whole spectrum of the foodservice industry use Cook-Chill Systems.

Anyone who has ever eaten at a top restaurant or hotel, at a banquet or reception, or on an airplane or ship is likely to have eaten a Cook-Chill meal. Cook-Chill Systems are also used by many institutional operators such as hospitals and universities.


Guide to Cook Chill

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Datasheets are available for both the WMBCF175 and WMBCF480

Download WMBCF175 Datasheet

Download WMBCF480 Datasheet

About Williams and Beverage-Air

Williams Refrigeration is a world leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration with a reputation of delivering global innovation and excellence. Formed in 1980, and headquartered in the UK, Williams Refrigeration is also uniquely placed to bring you unrivalled quality, performance and reliability from its international facilities located in China, Dubai and Australia.

Williams has achieved ISO 9001 and ISO14001 accreditations across all of its manufacturing plants (UK, Australia, China), for the design, manufacture and installation of refrigeration products – showing Williams commitment to reducing our environmental footprint and long term dedication toward decreasing the pollution and waste produced during the manufacturing processes.

Beverage-Air was founded in 1944 and is a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment for the foodservice and beverage industries.

Throughout its history Beverage-Air has remained at the forefront of our industry with a firm commitment to offering a full range of premium, and market leading products that meet the operational and environmental needs of its customers.

Beverage-Air is delighted to announce it has partnered with its sister company Williams Refrigeration to bring you the leading expertise in blast chilling solutions.

Together Williams Refrigeration and Beverage-Air offer an extensive product range and are uniquely placed to bring you the value and benefits of globally accredited products with the key benefit of local service and support.

Beverage-Air and Williams Refrigeration are both members of Ali Group SpA.

With its head quarters in Milan, Italy, the Ali Group is the world’s leading international foodservice and bakery equipment Group, and comprises 68 brands that embrace the leading names in cooking and bread making, refrigeration, ice cream and ice making, through to warewash and meal delivery distribution.

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